The company was born thanks to an idea of Mr Franco Laurieri, who guards and passes on the secrets of his recipes, that he learned when he was young and developed until today. The challenge was combining the most-advanced technology, the technical know-how associated with bakery products and the tradition by giving value to each of these elements in order to produce something special. The result of this daily commitment are the Laurieri’s Sweet and Savoury Snacks with no preservatives, additives and chemicals. They have a 12-month-shelf-life and keep a handcrafted style.

The tradition of making bread of Matera.

Laurieri has gained the appreciation of many consumers as well as many famous partners. The Laurieri brand is becoming more and more present worldwide in different sectors, starting from the snacks on board of well-known airlines and train companies to the biggest supermarket chains. In this way, the tradition of both the food made in Italy and the city of Matera (UNESCO World Heritage and European Capital of Culture 2019) keeps growing.

We wish to please all the different tastes.

Laurieri offers both a sweet and a savoury line.

For each line there are many different products, each available in different flavours and sizes.

Laurieri’s Savoury Snacks: Scrocchi, Crespini, Grissini, Mini-Grissini, Taralli, Bruschette.

Laurieri’s Sweet Snacks: Cantucci, Frolletti, Frollini, Quadrotti, Ciokkini, Limoncelli, Nocciolato, Amaretti.

Laurieri on the Italian tables.

Today you can savor the moment of pleasure of your journey by train or plane even at home. From the frequent requests of final consumers, the commitment to online sales was born, accessible to individuals and companies with VAT number in the GDO circuit. A way to always be closer and more attentive to the demands and needs of the final consumer.

Made in Italy abroad

Laurieri’s Sweet and Savoury Snacks are exported in all the main world countries thanks also to a service dedicated to our customers and partner companies, that enables us to ship our products by sea, by land and by air according to the customer’s request.